Most non-moving vehicle issues are dealt with by the local council, though the police can get involved if the issue is causing a danger (e.g. preventing emergency vehicle access).

Obstructive Vehicles

If your drive is blocked and you have a dropped curb that has been parked across, contact the Sutton Council enforcement officer.

If you are unable to get your car out of your drive then that could be a matter that the police can deal with. Check their advice at Nuisance parking and abandoned vehicles | The Met

Illegal Parking

Reporting a vehicle contravening any other type of restriction such as vehicles contravening the footway ban or vehicles parked on mandatory cycles lanes is a local council issue.

Sutton Illegal Parking

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle is probably abandoned if: 

  • It’s been in the same spot for a long time – eg more than 3 weeks
  • It’s damaged with flat tyres, wheels removed or broken windows
  • The number plates are missing

You can report an untaxed vehicle on a public road.  You’ll need to:

  • Check the tax status with the DVLA. You need to know the vehicle registration (from the number plate) and make of vehicle. Use Check whether a car is still taxed with the DVLA and take a note of the date the tax was due
  • If it is untaxed (or number plates are missing), report it to the council using the link below
  • You will also need the vehicle’s model, colour, location and to provide your contact details

Report an abandoned vehicle in Sutton