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Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is a partnership where people come together to make their communities safer.  It involves the Police, Community Safety departments of local authorities, other voluntary organisations and, above all, individuals and families who want to make their neighbourhoods better places to live.  It aims to help people protect themselves and their properties and to reduce the fear of crime by means of improved home security, greater vigilance, accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering a community spirit.

Neighbourhood Watch exists to work in partnership with the police, local authorities and other agencies to reduce crime and disorder

 Car Safety Event  NHW Signs with Paul Burstow and Heather Shaw


Working together

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever and the largest voluntary organisation in the country. Behind it lies a simple idea and a central value that is shared by millions of people around the country...

...getting together with your neighbours can cut crime.

Neighbourhood Watch started in the UK in 1982. Its basic aim was to reduce household burglary. More recently Watch groups are looking at other things that affect people's quality of life such as, poor street lighting, dumped cars, graffiti and other anti-social behaviour. The Neighbourhood Watch Association, which is now a registered charity, was created in May 2000 to help people to develop the existing watches and help people set up new Neighbourhood Watch groups within our borough.

To help make a safer borough in which to live.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing burglary figures; it's about creating communities who care.  It brings local people together and can make a real contribution to improving their lives.  It is about taking responsibility for vulnerable neighbours, helping to reduce crime, the fear of crime and being a good neighbour.

Neighbourhood Watch is now recognised by insurance companies; some will offer a discount on household policies.  This is because statistics show that you are less likely to make a claim if you live in a Watch area.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about crime, it is more about community safety.


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In an emergency always call 999
An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, or someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.
e.g. - If your house is being burgled (or the suspect is nearby) call 999
If your car is being stolen (or the suspect is nearby) call 999

If it’s not an emergency call 101 this is London's new non emergency contact number should you need to report a crime that has occurred.

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
If you have information about a crime but would prefer not to speak to police, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously.
Crimestoppers is an independent charity.  http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Do not use the Neighbourhood Watch telephone number for the office in Sutton Police Station as it is not checked daily

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