Some people can spare some time to help.  Some may only be able to support Neighbourhood Watch as a member.  Every member is valuable and important in making the community safer by wishing to make Sutton a safer and better place to live.

Our aim is to help people to protect themselves and their properties, to reduce the fear of crime and improve the local environment, also to promote a community spirit and neighbourliness through the network of Ward and Street Coordinators, who are the backbone of Neighbourhood Watch.

Since our establishment our membership has steadily increased year on year. Along with that growth we have been able to provide increasing levels of support to our members. Significantly, as a purely voluntary organisation we are wholly dependant on the help provided by key individuals who give their time and expertise. We are keen to improve the quality of the help we give to our members as well as preparing for growth, but to do that we will need help.

On that journey, we have built a strong, trusting and supportive relationship with Sutton police. A relationship that other boroughs have envied. Our success has to a large extent been because of the support received from the police. In turn we believe that their success in keeping crime low in Sutton is to a large extent because of the support they have received from us.

It’s important to bear in mind that it is up to us to ensure that our relationship with the police remains strong. This is because Sutton is our home. Police officers may not live in the borough. Whilst some may remain in a post for some time, they will move about to different roles or locations. Commanders change and their priorities will also change. As this is our home, we are here for the long haul and it’s up to us to make it a success.

Our Association is managed by a committee of Officers, Committee Members and the Ward Coordinators. Each ward is managed by a Ward Coordinator, who as the Neighbourhood Watch ward lead, coordinates all NHW activities in the ward, working with the police, councillors, residents groups, Area and Street Coordinators. Wards reflect the wishes of its’ members, with some having mini committees and a social dimension, whilst others are an alliance of Street and or Area Coordinators who support the Ward Coordinator.

That Neighbourhood Watch is designed to reduce household crime is recognised by insurance companies with some offering active members a reduction on their home insurance premiums.  This is because people are less likely to need to make a claim if they are part of Neighbourhood Watch.

If you make a claim, your insurance provider may ask for proof of membership. Our members are sent a welcome letter or email, which should suffice. In addition, every household enrolled has been given a unique membership number which should also suffice, so if you don’t already know it and require it, just let us know.