Secured by Design (SBD) is the widely respected and long-established official police security initiative operated by the UK Police Service. Since being set up in 1989 SBD has built up a wealth of experience promoting crime prevention and security, constantly adapting the advice to keep pace with changing patterns of criminal behaviour.

SBD provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime and keep you safe – Police Preferred Specification.  SBD work with manufacturers and standards authorities to ensure that security standards are current and updated to keep pace with emerging crime trends. SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.

SBD accredited products will reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime and help keep you safer. Because products are robust, they will last longer too.

There is a wealth of crime prevention advice and information on the SBD website,, including a list of 5,000 products in over 30 different crime categories that have been recognised as having achieved Police Preferred Specification.  This includes doors, windows, external storage, bicycle and motorcycle security, locks and hardware, asset marking, alarms, CCTV, safes, perimeter security products and many others.