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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Night Club Licence Suspended
Sutton night venue Mosaic had its licence suspended for a month from Sunday 15th March and will not be allowed to re-open as a nightclub.
The decision was made at a licensing committee meeting at Civic Offices, Sutton, on Thursday 12th March.
It follows an application to Review Mosaic’s licence made by Sutton Police and Trading Standards officers following concerns about how Mosaic was being run.
The main evidence presented to the committee focused on issues of crime and disorder; protection of children; public nuisance; and public safety. The evidence included two illegal sales of alcohol and two illegal sales of cigarettes to underage customers.
 The committee gave serious consideration to revoking the licence due to the seriousness of the failings at the premises, but instead decided to suspend the licence for a month, change its operating hours and add 23 new conditions to the licence.
These changes will come into effect when the venue re-opens in April as a new concept called ‘The Ivory Lounge’.
Lawyers representing Mosaic at the committee hearing admitted that there had been failings in the running of the club and accepted the evidence the police and Trading Standards had presented.
Sutton Police had been working with the owners Tattershall Castle Group management over recent weeks to resolve the issues.
The new venue will no longer be allowed to trade until 4am. The Ivory Lounge will be licensed until:
• 10am - 1am, Thursdays to Saturdays
• 12noon - 11pm on Sundays
• 10am - 11pm Monday to Wednesdays
Its new focus will be on food and making it available throughout its opening times. In addition, it will not be allowed to promote, advertise or sell alcohol at discounted prices. Only food offers can be promoted. Also, the upstairs of the premises will have its use restricted to pre-booked functions.
Sutton Police Supt Chas Bailey says: “The conditions seek to encourage responsible retailing and to prevent excessive drinking by customers, which can result in Crime and Disorder issues inside and outside the venue.”
Council Leader Sean Brennan comments: “The committee seriously considered revoking Mosaic’s licence completely and it will not hesitate to do so should the need arise. We believe the new conditions placed on the venue will significantly reduce the possibility of anti-social behaviour. The committee’s remit doesn’t allow economic factors to be taken into account but it is obviously good for the economic health of Sutton High Street that the business remains open and there isn’t an empty premise in the middle of the Town Centre.”


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