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Thursday, January 16, 2014
New Year message from Sutton Borough Commander Guy Ferguson

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all Sutton residents. It has always been clear to me that the support of our residents is essential if we are to continue to keep Sutton a low crime borough and one of the safest in London.

We are working hard to drive down crime still further by catching those responsible and regularly running operations to deter criminal activities. We have also been stressing the importance of residents remaining vigilant and taking extra steps to protect their homes and vehicles. The support of Neighbourhood Watch schemes and Residents’ Associations is a vital weapon in our armoury. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle crime have fallen over the last few years but we do get periodic peaks in crime. We are running extensive operations to make Sutton a hostile environment for criminals to operate. Overall crime is continuing to fall in the borough but we strive to reduce it even further.

The importance of residents contacting police on 999 has been highlighted over the last few days in two cases. The first involved a suspect walking down a street trying car door handles. The second involved a suspect acting suspiciously near a house.  In both cases residents called us swiftly and provided detailed information. The prompt actions of residents in these incidents led to a 30-year-old man being charged with theft from two motor vehicles and possession of a Class A drug, and a 21-year-old man being charged with burglary. Both men were sent from custody to court.
It is vital that people call police on 999 immediately when they see a crime being committed. We would rather come out and check that everything is OK than to find someone has become a victim of crime.

You make a difference in your community by belonging to Neighbourhood Watch. Our officers have been helping NHW grow its current membership to around 3,500 members - making Sutton the strongest NHW borough in London. NHW is about being crime aware as well as keeping an eye out for elderly and vulnerable residents who live nearby.

Working together we can make Sutton even safer.

Det. Chief Supt. Guy Ferguson


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