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Sunday, July 5, 2009
Scam Mail
This is where people con you out of your cash.
Types include
  • Fake lotteries
  • Prize draws
  • Incredible schemes to make money quickly
  • Fake investment plans
  • Fake inheritance
  • Work from home schemes
Scammers will tell you that you’ve won a prize in a draw or a lottery even though you haven’t entered one.
They will produce slick, professional leaflets and letters that look like important documents.
And they ask you to send money before you receive your prize.
They will lie to you and give you what seem to be good reasons why you should do what they say.
They will ask you not to tell anyone about a win, to keep it a secret.
Usually in return you get nothing, or something that is likely to be worth very little and not what you were promised.
Our advice is
  • Don’t send any money or give any personal details to anyone until you’ve checked them out.
  • Don’t ring any premium rate 090 numbers to claim your prize……the longer you stay on the line the more money the scammer earns.
  • Don’t be intimidated into replying. Protect yourself by being sceptical.
  • If you discover a scam tell your friends and family.
Once you’re hooked they sell your details to be added to a ‘suckers list’ then lots of other scams start……including letters that predict the future. Psychic or clairvoyants promise to make predictions that will change the course of your life…….. all for a small fee.   The letters can be aggressive in tone stating bad things will happen if you do not send money.
If you have been a victim of a scam you should report it to Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or www.consumerdirect.gov.uk
For further information look at www.thinkjessica.com which tells of Jessica’s story, who was scammed. They are attempting to raise awareness of the scams, and for recognition of Jessica’s syndrome as a condition.
Other useful places for information
The Office of Fair Trading
0845 722 4499
Financial Services Authority
0845 606 1234
Citizen’s Advice Bureau


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