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Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Police Courier Scam

Police are urging elderly residents to be wary of a telephone call purporting to come from police asking them to withdraw cash or give up their bank cards.

The caller is likely to state he is a police officer saying that officers have arrested a suspect who has been trying to defraud the resident.
This information is then followed with a request for the resident to provide their bank cards to officers or to withdraw cash from their bank - notes that officers need to check as part of the 'fraud'.
Whilst the caller may say that he will collect the cards or cash, it's more likely that he will say that an officer is unable to attend in person and will arrange for a cab company to pick up the cards/cash instead.

Det. Insp. Jim Bennett, of Sutton CID, said this is a cruel con to trick elderly and vulnerable people out of their savings. "Police would never ask for bank cards or cash as part of an investigation," he said.
Police in Sutton have received information about four such calls to local residents, who come from all over the borough, in the last six weeks. None of these residents have reported losing money as a result of the scam.


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