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Thursday, October 9, 2008
Press release on thefts from motor vehicles.

Sutton Police are looking for help from car and van drivers in the borough in a crackdown on thefts from motor vehicles.

Overall there has been a decrease in the number of thefts from motor vehicles in Sutton borough by 26.6% between 1st April – 14th September 2008 compared to the same period last year – with an average of less than two a day being reported to police.*

However, during September there has been a marked increase in this type of crime with five thefts from motor vehicles being reported on some days.

Detective Chief Inspector Fran Smith, who leads Sutton’s CID, said Sutton Police had put in place a range of measures involving both overt and covert activities and utilising the very latest technology to combat these crimes.

“Obviously for operational reasons we can’t go into details of the extensive operations we have in place across the borough but if you commit this type of crime in Sutton you will be arrested and prosecuted,” said DCI Smith. “We are determined to crack down on thefts from cars.”

Unfortunately, some car owners are failing to take even the most basic steps to secure their vehicles during the day or when parked up for the night with many instances of thieves taking advantage of:

·         Car doors left unlocked

·         Windows left open

·         Valuables left in full view on car seats.

Sutton’s Crime Prevention Team has the following advice:

Shut your windows and lock your car every time you leave your vehicle
Remove all valuables like laptops, shopping, documentation, spare keys, cash, audio systems and Sat Navs
With Sat Navs make sure you wipe away the sucker mark left behind on your windscreen or thieves may think you’ve hidden your system in your car
Mark your property with SmartWater, an anti-theft liquid (free from Sutton Police to borough residents aged 18 or over)
Use your garage or park under street lights
Use the steering lock, if available
Get a car alarm or an electronic engine immobiliser and get them professionally fitted
If you see someone acting suspiciously or a crime being committed dial 999 immediately.

For further advice call Sutton’s Crime Prevention Team on 020 8649 0569.

( down from 807 to 592 during this period).

Colin Walden, Media & Comms, Sutton Police station, 30681


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