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Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Cannabis Factory in Worcester Park
Sutton Police officers are urging local residents to keep an eye out for suspicious activities at addresses in their street - just in case the property turns out to be a cannabis factory - as happened in Sutton recently!
Following concerns raised by residents, a Police Community Support Officer from Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team uncovered a suspected cannabis factory when making routine calls as part of an initiative to get to know local residents.
Officers from the team had been carrying out house calls as part of Sutton borough’s ‘street-a-week’ initiative for PCSOs to visit every household in the borough during the year. These visits provide residents with the opportunity to get to know their local police team and for the team to hear about concerns and issues of local residents. It was during one such conversation that the PCSO was told about a certain address that merited further investigation.
Chief Inspector Gair commented: “It was only when officers made calls in the area that we were told about what had been going on - and took appropriate action.”
C.I. Gair urged local residents to contact police if they are suspicious of an address where residents come and go at odd times of the day and night; where the windows have curtains permanently drawn; and where there are collections and deliveries.
The PCSO called for assistance and officers subsequently found that three upstairs bedrooms and a shed in the back garden were being used for growing about 140 cannabis plants. In the bathroom, officers discovered a quantity of fertilizer, which is used in the growing process.
A man, who was found asleep in the downstairs lounge, was arrested. Mr Hanh Tran, aged 33, was subsequently charged. Officers had executed the search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act at the property in Hazlemere Gardens, Worcester Park, on Tuesday 31st March 2009. At Croydon Crown Court on 22nd May, Tran, who gave his address as Hazlemere Gardens, Worcester Park, and pleaded guilty to producing Class B drugs, was sentenced to two years in prison with an order for deportation on completion of sentence.

Chief Inspector Partnership Dave Gair, of Sutton Police, said this was good work by the PCSO and his colleagues on the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhoods Team


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