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Friday, February 15, 2013
Action Fraud and internet crime

You may have been deceived by someone who wants to steal your money or you may have been tricked into revealing your account information online. Well, help is at hand because you can now report fraud and internet crime more easily to a one-stop, national reporting centre – called Action Fraud.

Action Fraud now takes crime reports on behalf of the Met Police using staff trained specifically for this purpose - making it quicker and more convenient than visiting your local police station.
Victims of crime will be transferred to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) – an organisation that co-ordinates intelligence from around the country and passes actionable intelligence or viable lines of enquiry to relevant police forces to investigate, such as the Met Police, which is the latest police service to use Action Fraud.

The Director of the NFIB, Det. Supt. Dave Clark, said fraudsters thrive and frauds flourish when they go unreported and are allowed to operate under the radar.
“From now on fraud reports across London will be fed directly into Action Fraud and from there into the NFIB, where they will be analysed and used to pin point repeat and significant offenders and lead police officers directly to the fraudster’s front door.
“The reports will also help shape the wider intelligence picture that is identifying emerging threats and making the UK more resistant to the threat posed by fraud,” said Det. Supt. Clark.

You can report fraud and internet crime online 24/7 at:
Alternatively, you can call: 0300 123 2040
Lines are open Monday – Friday 8am-9pm; Saturday to Sunday 9am-5pm; closed Bank Holidays.

If an immediate police response is required, such as where the suspect is very near and / or the victim is at risk, call 999.


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