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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Front Door Security
As part of comprehensive campaign to beat burglars, Sutton Crime Prevention officers are urging residents to ‘get to know your front door’.
Some owners may not be aware that their door may be opened, unless it is not locked with a key from the inside by:
·    using the external door handle
·    accessing the inside door handle via the letterbox
In both cases, locking the door with a key from the inside could prevent entry.
PC Pat Simcox, of Sutton’s Crime Prevention Team, said: “The issue is that householders with UPVC front doors are making life easy for opportunist thieves. The message is that if you have a UPVC front door, use your key to lock your door even when you are inside your home.”
In a three-day period to January 22, 2009, there were three burglaries in the borough due to front doors being left insecure. In the first two incidents in Worcester Park, TVs, I-pods, cameras, mobile phones, credit cards and cash were taken. On 22nd January in Wallington, thieves opened a double glazed metal front door via the letterbox, and stole the key to a Ford Focus parked outside. The vehicle was later recovered by police.
Other crime prevention tips include:
·    Ensure all doors and windows have security locks – and use them
·    Lock doors and windows when you go out and when you go upstairs or into your back garden
·    Invest in a time switch to control your lighting so your home looks occupied when it is not
·    Make sure your front and back doors have at least two locks on them, of which one should be a mortice or deadlock
·    Don’t leave your house keys within easy reach of the letterbox
·    Turn on your alarm if you’re going out.
Sutton’s Crime Prevention Team can be contacted on 020 8649 0569.
If you see anyone acting suspiciously near a property, then dial 999.


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