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Monday, December 1, 2008
Be Safe and Sure at your Door
Elderly residents have been visited by unscrupulous visitors giving the impression that they are from the Water Board, Electricity Company or just need urgent access due to a hazard related to that address. Another most recent incident stemmed from the persons stating that they had lost their pet and could they look in the gardens at the premises to help find it.
On most occasions there will be at least two people, one acting as a distraction explaining what needs doing to the house, etc, whilst another person will search for money or items to steal. In some cases it is not immediately evident that anything untoward has happened until the resident needs the cash or item and has then realised what has happened.
Remember these people do this for a living and they can appear genuine and not raise any suspicions with their smart dress or polite conversation. We ask that you check anyone who needs to access your property even if you were expecting a visit. Any genuine company or agent won’t be upset if you refuse them access so don’t feel obliged if you’re not sure. If in doubt keep them out!
Additionally please don’t be concerned about notifying the Police if you are unhappy with someone who has just called at your house. We know that most areas have issues of this kind but we have had an increase in the last few weeks and want to do our best in keeping our residents informed. Be assured that we don’t have too many of these incidents and by getting the word out we hope to deter these visitors calling upon you.
Advice from your local team.
•     Quite simply don’t answer the door if it isn’t convenient for you or you aren’t expecting a caller
•     Secure the door with a chain before opening.
•     Ask for and check their Identification (Most utility companies wear uniforms).

•              If you are concerned about a visitor please call the Police


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