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Monday, November 23, 2009
Combat the increase in Burglaries

A crack squad of Sutton Police officers starts work today (Monday 23rd November) to combat a rise in burglary in the borough since the end of October.

The team consists of detectives, response officers and other officers who will be undertaking extra car and foot patrols in targeted areas to disrupt criminal activity.

Officers are urging residents to take extra steps to secure their side and rear entrances after 55% of burglaries in the borough between 2nd-15th November involved intruders gaining entry via side and rear gates and fences.

In a number of these burglaries tools, such as spades, were taken from sheds and outbuildings to force doors and windows to gain entry to properties.

The streets where burglaries were reported included Brackley Close, Colston Avenue, Montpelier Road, Waverley Avenue, Baron Close, Hillview Road, Stanley Gardens and Onslow Gardens. Items stolen included laptops, cameras, ipods and jewellery - small items that can be sold easily for cash.

PC Pat Simcox, of Sutton’s Crime Prevention team, said: “Thieves like to make things easy for themselves and choose properties where householders are least security aware. For example, this could be where side gates have been left unlocked and where wheelie bins are readily available to use as a springboard over boundary fences.

“It is especially important to think about security in the run up to the festive season when many gifts are purchased for family and friends.”

Here’s a few ways to deter burglars:

- Low front boundary walls and hedges
- High gates and fences at the side and rear
- Prickly boundary plants
- Gates locked
- Wheelie bins secured in the rear garden
- Burglar alarm with a box on the front and back of the home
- Eco friendly, tamper proof, external lighting that switches on at dusk
- Curtains at windows to hide valuables
- Doors and windows closed and locked with the keys removed
- Sheds, garages and outbuildings locked.

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